Annapolis Elder Law Attorney

The Maryland Department of Aging released a report that anticipated the population of residents who are 60+ years old to increase from 1.2 million in 2015 to 1.7 million by 2030, which represents a 40 percent increase in that demographic. Seniors have spent their lives working hard, saving money, investing in assets, and raising the next generation. Now, they face new challenges around their health, financial well-being, and being able to provide for their family members. From online fraud schemes and price gouging at assisted living facilities, to the rising cost of medical care and uncertainty surrounding estate taxation from one administration to the next, seniors are faced with many obstacles in society today. The Annapolis elder law attorneys at Frame & Frame can help with legal matters so that our senior clients know that their wishes are being fulfilled as they continue to age.

Concerns We Deal With in Elder Law

It is common for seniors to be concerned about how their money is handled as they age. For one, they have worked hard their entire lives for the assets they have. This may include a home that they want to continue to live in as long as possible. Yet, there comes a time when they may need medical assistance and the question then becomes whether to seek in-home care or move to an assisted-living facility. As NPR reported, the average monthly cost of assisted living nationally is $3,477 per month, while the average cost of in-care home with a health aide is $21 per hour.          These financial and medical decisions can add undue stress to seniors and their adult children. An experienced elder law attorney can help guide you through ways to plan for the aging process and lessen the financial burdens. At Frame and Frame, we assist our clients with the following:

  • Asset protection;
  • Long-term care planning;
  • Documenting end-of-life wishes through living wills, healthcare directive, power of attorney, and trusts;
  • Establishing legal guardianship;
  • Creating and keeping an up-to-date estate plan;
  • Choosing the right assisted living facility or nursing home;
  • Probate and estate administration; and
  • Protection from elder abuse and neglect.

Benefits to Help You Pay For the Care You Need

If you are a military veteran with a veterans administration pension, or a survivor who is entitled to a VA pension, we can help you determine if there are additional benefits that will help you pay for your care. Another way you may seek to cover care is through Maryland’s Medical Assistance Program, which is Maryland’s version of Medicaid. This program is strictly tied to your income, assets, and medical needs so eligibility may not be an option for everyone. However, an attorney can help you plan your long-term care so that as you spend through some of your assets to cover care, you become eligible for such programs.

Experienced Annapolis Elder Law Attorneys

It is never too early to plan for the issues you may face as a senior in Annapolis. The elder law attorneys at Frame & Frame are compassionate to your needs and will help you plan for the future. Contact our law offices at 410-255-0373 to schedule a free consultation today.