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Toxic Tort or Workers’ Compensation?

Exposure to toxic substances at the workplace causes thousands of U.S. workers serious injury and illness every year. Common types of exposure include contamination of the air, water, and ground; chemical exposure due to an accident or regular handling of certain substances; and improper use of safety equipment or improper training. When an employee becomes… Continued

Maryland Car Crash Rollover Attorney

A Maryland woman was killed in a rollover traffic collision recently in Waldorf, Charles County, as reported by TheBayNet. The woman’s two children, who were in the rear seats, and both secured in child safety harnesses, were injured. While the full details of the crash are still unknown, and may never be discovered due to… Continued

Maryland Workplace Slip and Fall Attorney

Falls remain one of the leading causes of injury in the U.S. and Maryland. Injuries from falls frequently happen at home, in business establishments, restaurants, sidewalks, parking lots, and, of course, in the workplace. In fact, trips, slips, and falls accounted for 238,610 nonfatal workplace injuries across the U.S. in 2015, according to the Bureau… Continued