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While thinking about leaving behind your property to your loved ones after death is difficult for everyone, it is a necessary aspect of creating a sound estate plan. One aspect of an estate plan is a revocable living trust, also called a just a revocable trust, which is often a better method of asset distribution than a simple will. Whether you are a young adult, middle aged, or an older adult, it is never too early to start thinking about estate planning, because the future is never certain. When an unplanned for event strikes, all parties involved will be glad that you took the time to create a stable financial future for your loved ones. Our Severna Park revocable living trust attorneys are ready to discuss your specific case today.

Why Do I Need a Revocable Living Trust?

Individuals young and old can benefit from a revocable trust for various reasons. The key is to discuss your situation with an attorney, who can then direct you towards and create the ideal trust for your loved ones. There are a number of advantages by going with a revocable living trust, as described below:

  • A revocable trust saves money. Because the assets in a revocable trust do not go through probate, your beneficiaries get 100 percent of the assets that you leave them. Probate, which is the official proving of a will, can easily eat up 15 percent or more of the assets in a will, leaving your children or grandchildren with less than you hoped to. The average probate costs $1,500, according to the American Bar Association.
  • A revocable trust saves time. Again, because a revocable trust bypasses probate, your beneficiaries will receive the assets in the trust within a fraction of the time that they would if they had to wait for your will to pass through probate. Probate takes six to nine months on average, according to the American Bar Association.
  • A revocable trust is more secure than a will. Your last wishes and testaments may not be as sacred as you believe them to be, at least when it comes to asset division amongst a family that does not get along. Wills are less secure than a trust because during probate, the will can be contested if one or more beneficiaries or family members do not agree with your decisions. Furthermore, an inexperienced or even untrustworthy executor can ruin the plans in your will by failing to pay off creditors in time and getting sued, by paying off creditors that did not need to be paid off, or my misappropriating the funds in your will. None of this will happen with assets in a revocable trust.
  • A revocable trust can be changed while you are alive. Like a will, a revocable trust can be changed at any time you see fit, as opposed to an irrevocable trust that cannot be altered. This means that if your wishes change with time, you can modify the trust to reflect those wishes whenever you want to.
  • A revocable trust allows more precision. You can set up a revocable trust to more accurately direct where your assets go and how they will be used, such as creating an education trust for your grandchildren.

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Creating a revocable trust allows your assets to bypass probate, which can be a necessity if your beneficiaries need those assets immediately after you are gone. Feel free to discuss your specific case with one of our experienced Severna Park revocable living trust attorneys today. Contact the law offices of Frame & Frame today for help.