Severna Park Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Workers’ compensation got its start in Maryland, which was the first state to pass limited workers’ compensation legislation back in 1902, according to research published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine. While that first law was not comprehensive, we now have a system that allows injured workers to receive medical care and wage benefits, regardless of fault, when they get sick or injured on the job. The system was originally designed to free up the courts and provide immediate assistance to injured workers and their families. It was a trade off that allowed workers some form of insurance in the event that they got hurt or maimed at work, and allowed employers to have access to a more loyal workforce that was willing to work hard at their job with less fear of being discarded and mistreated in the even that they suffered from a workplace accident. However, not everything went according to plan.

The Current State of Workers’ Compensation in Severna Park

Now, workers’ compensation laws have been “reformed” by large employers and their lobbyists, and it is much easier to deny an injured worker his or her benefits than ever before. Because of this, injured and sick workers need legal assistance after all, and sometimes cases do end up in court, which was not the original plan at all. However, you need to take appropriate steps to protect your rights, and an attorney is necessary to accomplish this. The Severna Park workers’ compensation attorneys at Frame & Frame can handle all of the following issues for you:

Workers’ Compensation Claims are Often Unfairly Denied

Employers and insurance providers will do or argue almost anything to keep from paying a claim. They may deny your claim because they say:

  • That the injury was not caused “out of and in the course of employment,” which is a necessary element according to the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission. For instance, your employer could argue that when you were struck by a car while walking to the grocery store across the street from you office, you were not in the course of employment. However, if you were crossing the street to purchase office snacks or supplies, for example, it could be argued that you were in the course of employment;
  • That the injury was not an accident;
  • That the injury is exaggerated;
  • That the injury was a preexisting condition;
  • That the injury occurred at home or away from your place of work while you were not on the clock.

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