Severna Park Workers’ Compensation Claim Attorney

You got injured on the job and you have medical expenses to pay, doctor’s appointments to make, and lost wages to think about. Workers’ compensation is there for you, but what are you supposed to do to get your benefits? When you suffer a workplace illness or injury, your employer does not simply hand you a blank check and send you on your way to a physician. In fact, your employer or their insurance provider is more likely to deny your claim and tell you to get back to work than to give you any assistance with your medical condition or point you in the right direction for filing a workers’ compensation claim. You need to start receiving your workers’ compensation benefits as soon as possible, but the system is complicated, convoluted, and like most injured or ill people, you have enough stress on your plate as it is without having to navigate the tricky legal waters of Maryland’s workers’ compensation law. That is why our Severna Park workers’ compensation claim attorneys are here to help you with your case.

Steps to Take After a Workplace Injury or Illness

  1. Tell Your Employer About Your Injury or Illness —You have 10 days from the date of the injury, or when you found out about the injury or illness, to tell your employer either orally or in writing about the incident. Writing is preferred, so as to create better documentation on your behalf. The sooner you tell them, the sooner your claim can get started.

  2. YourEmployer Notifies the Workers’ Compensation Commission– Just as you had up to 10 days, your employer must notify the state Workers’ Compensation Commission within 10 days of learning about your injury or illness;

  3. File Your Claim– The next step is to file your claim with the Workers’ Compensation Commission, either by mail or online;

  4. Workers’ Compensation Commission Issues Notice of Claim– After your claim is filed, the notice of your claim is given to your employer and the Commissioner.

  5. Your Benefits are Either Paid or Contested– Your employer and insurance provider have up to 21 days to either start paying your benefits or file a contest of denial.

  6. If You Were Denied, You Can Request a Hearing– Whether your claim was denied or you were not provided the level of benefits that you requested, the next step in the process is to request a hearing before the Workers’ Compensation Commission. During the hearing your attorney can be present.

  7. Appeal, if the Workers’ Compensation Commission Sided With the Other Party – If the Commission sided against you, you have the option to appeal with the circuit court. However, any party (including your employer or insurer) can appeal the decision, according to the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission, meaning that your fight may not be done even if you were not denied.

Our Attorneys Are Here to Help Get Your Benefits

The Severna Park workers’ compensation claim attorneys with Frame & Frame can help you throughout any and all stages of your workers’ compensation claim so that you get the benefits that you need and deserve, and the medical attention to help you recover as best as possible. Whether you were just injured today, your claim was denied already, or your boss told you that they do not carry workers’ compensation coverage so do not even bother filing a claim, our lawyers are here to fight for you.