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Maryland Workers’ Compensation for Volunteers

A large percentage of first responders are volunteers. According to Business Insider, 69 percent of all firefighters are volunteers. But do they qualify for the same workers’ compensation benefits as a full-time city or county first responder employee? Thousands of others spend their time volunteering throughout Maryland in various positions, from helping with school field… Continued

Occupational Respiratory Illness

When it comes to health hazards, issues arising in the respiratory system are serious. Initially, symptoms such as a cough may seem mild, however, left unmanaged respiratory health concerns can become fatal. If you believe you have been exposed to chemicals, fumes, dust, or other irritant that is causing problems with your breathing, you should… Continued

Workers’ Compensation for Hospital Workers

Many workplace accidents send employees to the hospital, but sometimes it is the hospital employees themselves who get injured on the job. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has found that injury and illness rates for hospital employees are higher than that of the construction or manufacturing industries, which are both seen as hazardous industries.… Continued

Maryland Occupational Violence

Workers’ compensation is, in a sense, a form of insurance for workers; indeed, with workers’ compensation, when they get sick or injured on the job, their medical costs will be taken care of and part of their salary will be awarded during their period of recovery. Of course, if permanent disability results, partial wage replacement… Continued

Job Hazards of Poultry Processing and Slaughtering

Poultry consumption in the U.S. and Maryland has been growing for years now, with each passing month seeming to be at an all time high. In fact, it is not uncommon for 10.5 million birds to be slaughtered on a weekly basis, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. And, unfortunately, the poultry industry is… Continued

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is one of the most common injuries that construction, factory, and other manual laborers encounter in their lines of work. Being exposed to loud noises, day in and day out, can cause temporary and permanent hearing damage, which significantly complicates a person’s social and family life, damages their ability to perform their job,… Continued

Powered Industrial Truck Accidents

A Powered Industrial Truck (PIT) is a term that encompasses a variety of machinery and vehicles that are designed to move heavy objects, lift pallets, load semi trailers, and move materials during construction projects. They are used in almost every major industry to some degree, and if that industry does not specifically use them, PITs… Continued

Future of Maryland Workers’ Compensation Faces Adversity

Workers’ compensation in Maryland has faced numerous pressures that have not always had the injured workers’ best interests in mind. In fact, state reforms to workers’ compensation generally side with large companies and health insurance providers that seek to cut costs and increase their profitability. The future of workers’ compensation is at stake for a… Continued

E. Coli Outbreak Personal Injury Lawsuit

The Erlanger, Kentucky food company, Dixie Dew Products, Inc., which produces a variety of sauces and nut butters, is being sued after causing dozens of food poisonings across the country. One of the 12 states affected by the outbreaks has been Maryland. Specifically, the company’s soy nut butter has found to be contaminated with E.… Continued

Toxic Tort or Workers’ Compensation?

Exposure to toxic substances at the workplace causes thousands of U.S. workers serious injury and illness every year. Common types of exposure include contamination of the air, water, and ground; chemical exposure due to an accident or regular handling of certain substances; and improper use of safety equipment or improper training. When an employee becomes… Continued