Maryland Workers’ Compensation Claim Attorney

If you have been injured on the job, it can be difficult to know what to do to get your workers’ compensation claim going so you can start receiving benefits as soon as possible. The process may seem confusing, and things can get even more difficult if your employer or their workers’ comp insurance carrier denies or disputes your claim. Fortunately, the lawyers at Frame & Frame can help. Below is a brief outline of the Maryland worker’s compensation claims process. For assistance at any stage or throughout the life of your claim, call the Maryland workers’ compensation claim attorneys of Frame & Frame at 410-255-0373 in Pasadena or 410-643-2202 in Stevensville.

Step One: Notify Your Employer of Your Injury – You should report a workplace injury as soon as possible after the accident, and at most within ten days of the injury. The notice does not have to be in writing, but it is much easier to document that you provided notice on a specific date if you give a written notice. This notice should state the facts of the accident in plain language and be signed by you or by someone else acting on your behalf.

Step Two: Employer Notifies WCC – After receiving your notice, your employer has ten days to file the Employer’s First Report of Injury with the Workers’ Compensation Commission.

Step Three: File Your Claim – Complete and mail the Employee Claim Form to the WCC. Your employer should have a form to give to you, but if not, you can request one from the WCC. Claim forms can also be completed online.

Step Four: WCC issues Notice of Claim – The notice of your claim for compensation (Form 30C) is given to the Commissioner and your employer.

Step Five: Benefits are Paid or Contested – Within 21 days of filing the claim, your employer or their insurance carrier should either file contesting issues with the WCC if they dispute your claim, or start paying you benefits.

Step Five: Request a Hearing – If your employer or their carrier denies your claim, or if you do not receive the level of benefits you believe you are entitled to, you can request a hearing before the WCC. A Commissioner will be appointed to hold a hearing and decide your case. You are entitled to be represented by an attorney of your choosing at this hearing.

Step Six: Appeal to Court – If you disagree with the decision of the WCC Commissioner, you can appeal to the Circuit Court of Anne Arundel or Queen Anne’s County, or the local circuit court wherever you are located.

Your First Step: Call Frame & Frame in Pasadena and Stevensville

Before you do anything else, call Frame & Frame to speak with an attorney about your claim. We will guide you and represent you throughout the entire process to help ensure that your claim is successful and that you get the full amount of benefits you need. From anywhere in Maryland, call our offices in Pasadena at 410-255-0373 or Stevensville at 410-643-2202.