Workers’ Compensation for Hospital Workers

Many workplace accidents send employees to the hospital, but sometimes it is the hospital employees themselves who get injured on the job. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has found that injury and illness rates for hospital employees are higher than that of the construction or manufacturing industries, which are both seen as hazardous industries. When hospital employees are injured, it takes them away from the job they care for. If the injuries sustained are severe enough, it may force them to permanently change jobs. If you currently work in a hospital and have been injured while completing your job tasks, you should file a workers’ compensation claim. Contact a Anne Arundel County lawyer to learn more about how to submit your workers’ compensation claim and what it means for you.

Common Causes of Injury in the Hospital

Some injuries are related to the position an employee holds within the hospital, but many are more general and could happen to an employee. The most common claim by a hospital employee is a strained or sprained muscle. This can happen when assisting patients or handling heavy equipment. Many other injuries are caused by slipping, falling, or tripping. When a nurse, doctor, or other employee is working long hours, the chances of a workplace error that causes injury increases. Another cause of injury is actually the patients. Chicago Tribune reported on a nationwide increase in violence directed at hospital employees. A patient may be prone to violence due to drug use, but even a fatal diagnosis can bring out violent tendencies in a patient.

What to Do if You Have Been Injured

Even if you think your illness or injury is minor, it is important you get examined by another medical professional. Long work hours and exposure to other illness can put you at risk of getting extremely sick if not properly cared for. If you have been hit or otherwise abused by a patient, it is important to be examined by another medical professional for hidden injuries. Small aches caused by a strain or sprain should also be dealt with early on because musculoskeletal injuries can have a cumulative effect that has lifelong consequences for an employee. Regardless of the illness or injury you are battling, make sure to report it to your employers and follow the appropriate workers’ compensation claim procedures. Document the injury, including witnesses if there were any, and any subsequent care you receive.

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As a hospital employee, you are accustomed to caring for others, but if you have become ill or injured through your work you deserve to be compensated. Workers’ compensations can be ignored by hospitals because it will financially hurt them.

Ultimately, you should contact a skilled attorney who can represent your workers’ compensation claim while you focus on recovering. The Maryland attorneys at Frame & Frame are compassionate and have over 65 years serving the community of combined experience helping employees receive their workers’ compensation benefits. Contact us at 410-255-0373 for a free initial consultation.