Severna Park Rehabilitation & Permanent Disability Attorney

No occupation is entirely safe from accidents. Tens of thousands of Maryland workers get seriously injured on the job each year, and conditions are not necessarily improving. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and reported by the Baltimore Sun, Maryland workplace fatalities rose by 33 percent from 2015 to 2016—the most recent years for which data is available. Fortunately for workers, Maryland’s workers’ compensation system is in place to serve injured employees in a number of ways. In addition to medical benefits, workers’ compensation assists injured workers with temporary disability, permanent disability, and vocational training. The knowledgeable Severna Park rehabilitation & permanent disability attorneys of Frame & Frame can assist you throughout this complicated process of applying and fighting for your benefits.

Permanent Disability

Sometimes recovering from an injury means only partial recovery. For example, a worker who suffers a fall on the jobsite and gets a traumatic brain injury may take weeks and months off from work, or on light duty, and only be able to regain partial cognition. They may suffer from anxiety, depression, confusion, poor memory, or chronic headaches for the rest of their lives. Just as this worker will never regain full working capacity, so too will an employee who suffers from the loss of a limb, or a spinal cord or spinal column injury. Employees who suffer from permanent injuries, pain, or illnesses deserve to be compensated for their permanent condition. We assist clients with recovering permanent partial or permanent total disability.

Vocational Training

Vocational training or vocational rehabilitation is reserved for employees who suffered an injury or illness that renders them incapable of fulfilling their previous occupational obligations. An employee may no longer be able to handle a jackhammer, for instance, but they may be just fine working in an office or teaching high school. However, they will of course require the time and financial resources to undergo new job training—something that can be impossible to pay for while they are out of work, and attempting to recover from their injuries on top of everything else. This is why vocational rehabilitation is another aspect of workers’ compensation. Under the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission, workers are eligible for paid vocational services for up to 24 months, during which they can still receive their disability benefits and medical benefits. Vocational services include coordination with medical services, vocational assessment, evaluation, counseling, development of a rehabilitation plan, monitoring, training, job development, and job placement.

Let Our Experienced Rehabilitation & Permanent Disability Attorneys Handle The Logistics While You Recover

As an employee, you performed a job for your employer and made them a handsome profit during your time with the company. In return, it is only fair that after your debilitating injury or illness that you are compensated with permanent disability benefits and/or vocational rehabilitation services. The Severna Park workers’ compensation attorneys with Frame & Frame fight passionately for our injured clients’ rights to these invaluable benefits, and will stop at nothing to put you in the best possible financial position as you begin the next chapter of your life.